Our Story

Moncrief is a British luxury brand, comprising a collection of entirely hand-made carry-on luggage and travel accessories for the sophisticated global travellers who live a life of nomadic elegance.

Moncrief is an ancestral name belonging to the founders of the company. The Moncrief’s were part of “The Picts Clan”, a mysterious warrior people of ancient Britain, who were very early nomadic travelers that migrated from France in the 15th Century.

The sailed to Ireland but were refused permission to settle there by the ancient Kings of that land, but were granted permission to settle in the North Eastern part of Scotland on the condition that each Pictish King marry an Irish Princess, thus providing the Irish with a colony whose rulers were of royal Irish blood. This Pictish settlement was ruled by the matriarchal hierarchy unlike any other form of government in British History.


The collection is characterised by exceptional craftsmanship. The inaugural collection comprises a trunk trolley case with a drawer, a detachable case trolley, weekend bags, carry-on cases, ipad covers and ipad sleeves.

These heirloom pieces combine age-old artisan skills with the finest hides and hand carved accessories to create a truly modern yet timeless travelling collection.


The Brand

moncrief woman

Every Moncrief product is imbued with the passion of the extraordinary artisans whose skilled hand’s brings the designs to life. They are like alchemists, taking the ultimate raw materials and creating exquisite products designed to be used and treasured forever.

Each skin is carefully inspected and then cut by hand, ensuring only the best pieces are used and up to four skins are required for a large bag which takes several days to hand craft. Piping takes many meters of high quality leather to create and hand roll. A highly skilled lacquering expert creates a perfect finish on the beautiful exposed edges of each bag.

Each item includes a distinctive linen mix stain resistant Moncrief monogram lining.